The 16pf Security Selection Report (16pf SSR) is used to evaluate applicants for security and other public safety positions. It is a quick and cost-effective selection tool that can be used by HR professionals and recruiters to distinguish between applicants who are likely to be effective performing assigned duties and those who could be at risk for performance problems.

Predicts Job Performance

The concise report includes the 16pf Protective Services Dimensions, which validity studies have shown to be among the most important characteristics for effective job performance in the security industry:

Provides an Overall Recommendation

A 3-color rating system (Low Risk, Average Risk, High Risk) is used for the Overall Recommendation, which is calculated from the ratings on all four of the 16pf Protective Services Dimensions.

Suggests Follow-up Inquiries

If an applicant is categorized as either Average Risk or High Risk on any of the four dimensions, the report suggests follow-up questions for the evaluator to further explore each area of concern during the interview process.

Powered by the 16pf Questionnaire

The report is generated from the 16pf Questionnaire, a widely-respected assessment of adult normal personality that takes just 25-35 minutes to complete via the Internet. It is research-verified as a valid and reliable tool for use in the public safety and security field, and meets all applicable hiring laws including EEOC and ADA compliance.

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“The 16pf Questionnaire provides great insight into an individual’s personality traits and how they relate to successful management performance. It is an extremely valuable tool when conducting capability assessments and coaching high-potential leaders in organizations.”

Amanda Jay, Ph.D.

Practice Leader, Leadership & Talent
Hay Group