The 16pf Leadership Coaching Report (LCR) facilitates the developmental process of individuals desiring to become more effective leaders and is designed for use by the participant as he/she begins the leadership development process.

Key benefits of the LCR include:

  • Increases awareness and understanding of the individual’s personal behavioral traits;
  • Identifies areas for development; and
  • Provides individualized developmental strategies to increase leadership effectiveness.

The report first identifies the participant’s personal gifts and limits through a comparison of his/her behavioral style to that of successful leaders. The report then discusses how these gifts and limits can have both positive and negative behavioral implications, depending upon the leadership role.

Next, the participant is provided with suggestions on how to leverage his/her strengths for improved effectiveness. Possible areas for development are identified along with targeted practice activities and resources (books, workshops, seminars, etc.) that can be integrated into the developmental action plan.

The Coach’s Summary section provides the coach with:

  • Suggestions on how to effectively use the report;
  • Both the target score (average score range of successful leaders) and the participant’s score for each of the six leadership scales; and
  • The developmental suggestions from the participant’s 16pf Leadership Coaching Report.

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“The 16pf Questionnaire provides great insight into an individual’s personality traits and how they relate to successful management performance. It is an extremely valuable tool when conducting capability assessments and coaching high-potential leaders in organizations.”

Amanda Jay, Ph.D.

Practice Leader, Leadership & Talent
Hay Group