By assessing the qualities and attributes needed for success in a particular role within an organization, the 16pf Competency Report helps managers select the people they need to achieve their objectives.

Based upon global research and years of experience, our model includes 20 competencies that are commonly used across organizations. You can either:

  • Generate 16pf Competency Reports for all 20 competencies, or
  • Choose the ones that are essential for on-the-job success in specific role(s) within your organization and generate reports that focus on those competencies only (our 16pf Job Profiling Kit and our online 16pf Competency Selector can facilitate this task).

When hiring, we also have research-based Representative Competency Models to guide you in identifying the competencies for your positions. We encourage you to examine the competencies in each model in light of the requirements for the particular position in your organization and adjust the model appropriately when selecting the final 6 to 8 competencies for your job.

Alternatively, we can work with you to create a custom report around a smaller set of organization-specific competencies, using either your existing competency model or a new one.

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“We are now using the 16pf Career Development Report as a standard part of our executive coaching intake process. Our clients consistently find the report to be insightful and provocative. A discussion of the report invariably illuminates key areas of interest and concern and helps both client and coach focus and prioritize the coaching engagement. The Personal Career Effectiveness Considerations section of the report provides an ideal foundation for career planning discussions and developmental assignments.”

Kirk Hallowell, Ph.D.