The APQ Guidance Report is generated from the first three sections of the 16pf Adolescent Personality Questionnaire – Your Personal Style, Problem Solving, and Work Activity Preferences. The report is comprised of two distinct sections.

The first part of this report is written for the adolescent and provides personality feedback as well as a ranking of the young person’s work activity preferences and brief descriptions of the student’s top two work styles, including example jobs. A “Personal Notes” page provides the adolescent with suggestions and comments based on their scores.

The next part of the report is for the professional and consists of raw scores, graphed score profiles, Predicted Grade Point Average, and six Work Activity scores which are similar to Holland’s themes. Two additional pages address specific concerns and provide the professional with insights on how to work with the adolescent.

The APQ Guidance Report is useful to school counselors or qualified teachers and can be helpful in designing academic strategies for individual students and helping students prepare for college or careers.

“The 16PF not only helps us to understand our candidates better but also helps build our relationships with them.”

James Martin