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16pf Questionnaire Datasheet

The 16 Personality Factors (16pf) Questionnaire is a robust, reliable measure of personality traits that is used to select, develop and motivate people.
(Resource type: Datasheets)

Guide to Using the 16pf Assessment in Coaching

Our expert guide to using the 16pf to coach clients.
(Resource type: Facilitator materials)

Management Styles in the Benelux Countries

A population of 500 working people across the Netherlands and Belgium participated in the development of the Dutch 16pf 5 Questionnaire.
(Resource type: Research)

Millennial Development

Millennials (aka Generation Y) are not ready-made leaders – they will need to work on their skills if they are to develop effectively.
(Resource type: White papers)

16pf Competency Descriptions

This document describes 20 competencies that have been shown by research to be the most important across a wide range of roles.
(Resource type: Facilitator materials)

Psychologists Uncover Social Media Habits

Personality and social networking. This research highlights how personality characteristics (measured using the 16pf tool) and demographic information relate to social networking.
(Resource type: Research)

The relationship between the MBTI Step I and 16pf

Looking at the relationship between the two instruments and at the characteristics of people undergoing outplacement.
(Resource type: Research)

Quick Guide to Selection

Our quick guide to selecting the best people.
(Resource type: Quick Guides)

Selection White Paper: Best People In = Best Results Out

Adopting fairer and more rigorous recruitment and selection processes can increase profits and boost your brand.
(Resource type: White papers)

Selecting for Potential

Determining the underlying abilities and anticipated working styles of a candidate during the selection process is fundamental to successful recruiting.
(Resource type: White papers)

Sift Out, Select In White Paper

Getting the right people in the right roles and retaining them is vital to an organisation’s success. Online ability testing can assist the process.
(Resource type: White papers)

White Paper: Combating Bias in Hiring Decisions

Combating biases and adopting a structured hiring process are the keys to good recruitment and selection.
(Resource type: White papers)

Appreciating Unusual Responses in 16pf Questionnaire Results

A quick reference guide to the 16pf response style indices, outlining the characteristics within each of the three scales and examples of how to avoid misinterpretation of results.
(Resource type: Facilitator materials)

16pf International Reference Manual 2014

This manual collects together key research data on every one of the 16pf Questionnaire translations. Each translation is validated by rigorous study.
(Resource type: Data/norm supplements)

16PF® Filipino Manual Supplement 2015

This 16pf manual supplement for the Filipino version of the 16pf questionnaire complements the US technical manual.
(Resource type: Data/norm supplements)

16pf European English Data Supplement 2011

This 16pf data supplement for the European English version of the 16pf questionnaire complements the current UK 16pf Manual.
(Resource type: Data/norm supplements)

16pf French Data Supplement 2011

This 16pf data supplement for the French version of the 16pf Questionnaire complements the current Manuel 16pf and the 2010 Data Supplement.
(Resource type: Data/norm supplement)

16pf French Data Supplement 2010

This 16pf data supplement for the French version of the 16pf Questionnaire complements the current Manuel 16pf.
(Resource type: Data/norm supplements)

 16pf Admin and Scoring Card

This document acts as a crib sheet for 16pf practitioners administering the paper questionnaire to a respondent, and then scoring it using the self-scorable answer sheet.
(Resource type: Facilitator materials)